The world is full of 'money coaches' that try to apply the same 'secret sauce' to every person and business. In theory, it should work, in practice that is not necessarily the case.

Financial consulting is first and foremost a thorough study of the individual, the company, and the owners and how each ties in with the other. Personal decisions at a management level have far-reaching consequences, those same decisions taken at the owner level can break or make a company.

This where we step in. In some cases it is to the rescue, in others it is simply to mend. If you are having thoughts about your company finances not being in great shape, that should be enough to at least give us a call and discuss what preoccupies you as an owner, manager, staff, or investor.

Our coaching goes beyond words and into actions; analyzing everything that affects finances from cashflows to cash leaks and everything in between. You could be very surprised at what is actually causing you 'financial stress'.


Never let desperation set in. Sometimes you just need a new idea, a new perspective, or an objective professional analysis of what is going on, and this where we step in. Our trajectory of 15 years helping small and medium-sized businesses is our biggest asset and it is at your disposal.

This is where all our expertise ties in

from certifications to 15 years of experience in the business

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Financial consulting is like therapy for businesses. Every now and then you need to speak to a professional about it and he or she needs to guide you in an objective, fact-based path that will help you grow, re-encounter or re-assess your current financial path and trajectory.

Just like Therapy, results don't happen overnight, and success rates are higher the more consistent you are about it.

Top Level Financial Coaching



Financial consulting is the term given to financial advice and planning given by a professional third party consultant on a person or organization.

In terms of Accounting, financial consulting ties in all accounting data with the current state of affairs to provide a projection and suggestions based on the fact-finding analysis provided by the consultant.

Yes. At Top Level Accounting we provide financial coaching to individuals who request it as well.

We like to call it 'coaching' rather than consulting as personal finances often involve factors and decisions that are not always all profit-motivated as it would be with a company but rather goal-oriented that pertains more to the individual. 

Edmonton Financial Consulting
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